CSI Cutting Systems

DL-4200 Lo-Pro Slasher Saw

The DL-4200 is built with a low profile sawbox for great visibility and easy loading and unloading of tree stems. The DL-4200's reliable and economical belt drive insures smooth fast cuts in any situation and provides exceptional performance even with low-flow hydraulic circuits on some loaders. A 44" buck width offers the cutting capacity of larger slasher saws, while taking up less space on the landing site.

Learn more about the DL-4200 at www.cuttingsys.com | Download the DL-4200 Spec Sheet



  • Length - 9'-6" (114")
  • Width - 7'-6" (90")
  • Weight - 2,500 lbs
  • Height - 6'-1" (73")

Standard Equipment

  • 52" saw bar
  • Automatic chain oiler with three gallon tank capacity

Saw Box Options

  • Right-hand
  • Reversible

Saw Buck Options

  • Straight
  • V-buck
Both options may also be stair-stepped.

Chassis Options

  • Standard 12' Chassis
  • Extended
    • Folding
    • Stacking
  • Custom

Other notes

  • Hydraulics require 50 to 100 GPM @ 2000 to 2500 PSI
PSI ratings are minimum and maximum

Barko DL-4200 Media