The CE Series Bus by Navistar

The Student Guardian
Our goal was to build a school bus that would not only provide the utmost protection for students, but get high marks from the people who buy, use and maintain it. So we built an IC Bus's integrated chassis, with all-steel cage construction, 16-gauge steel side sheets and 18,500-lb. rear steel-spring suspension. If you need a bus that's safe, strong, and powerful, we've got you covered.



To understand how to build a better bus, we believe it's important to remember how much is riding on one. That's why, before a single weld is laid or bolt is torqued, we remind ourselves that buses are as much about the moments that go on inside as they are about the sheet metal that goes on the outside. We believe that is one of the reasons IC Buses are chosen to carry more of this country's precious cargo than any other brand of bus.


A school bus's primary goal is safeguarding children at every stop. So we placed lighted controls for the entrance door, warning lights and other high-use items on the steering wheel. We increased the height and width of the entrance door to keep students more visible. And to make sure the bus is completely empty at the end of the day, we made our Leave No Student Behind safety system standard equipment. It's a combination of safety features the competition simply can't match.

For mechanics, we made maintenance easy with a lightweight Easy Tilt hood, coordinated service intervals, and a self-diagnosing Diamond Logic electrical system. As with all our buses, IC Bus has you covered throughout the entire ownership experience with our complete bus diagnostic checkup computer system, an expansive parts distribution system and an unmatched dealer network for 24/7 support.

Taking care of you every step of the way. That's the IC Bus difference.

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The surprisingly-affordable CE Series can carry up to 77 students, with long-lasting reliability and easy serviceability. With its steel cage construction, visual and audible alarms, Leave No Student Behind alarm system and MaxxForce 7 or MaxxForce DT engine, the CE Series gives you all the strength, power and safety you need.

158", 169", 193", 217", 236", 254", 276"

29-77 passengers

23,500-33,000 lbs

8,000 lbs standard
Higher ratings available

15,500 lbs with veri-rate
steel spring capability
Higher ratings available
Air suspension available

Cummins ISB6.7
200hp/520 lb-ft
220hp/520 lb-ft
240hp/560 lb-ft
250hp/660 lb-ft
260hp/660 lb-ft

MaxxForce DT
215hp/560 lb-ft
230hp/620 lb-ft
230hp/660 lb-ft
245hp/660 lb-ft
260hp/660 lb-ft
Allison 2500 PTS
Allison 3000 PTS

Full power hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC
Optional air brakes with ABS

78" interior headroom
Easy-tilt three-piece fiberglass hood
Powered parking brake (hydraulic brakes only)
Lighted steering-wheel-mounted door control
and eight-way light switches
Visual and audible alarms for low fuel, oil,
voltage, coolant and high temperature
Fuel filter restriction gauge
Top mounted, no-drip fuel and oil filter
Leave No Student Behind post trip
inspection alarm system
Tallest, widest entry door in the industry
Engineered to your specifications
Optional factory-installed IC Air
16-gauge side sheets
Electric entrance door
Water in fuel sensor
Cruise control

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