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Barko Hydraulics builds the toughest, most dependable, and powerful knuckleboom loaders (material handlers), Industrial Tractors / Crawlers and Mulchers (land clearing and land preparation equipment).

Barko products are built to last longer,perform better, be more comfortable and offer the lowest cost of ownership.

Sold and serviced worldwide, Barko industrial equipment provides solutions to the forestry, scrap, industrial and construction markets.


Delivering the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry.
No questions asked.

Many of our competitors claim that their products deliver a lower total cost of operation or provide a higher return on your investment, but only Barko products give you the best ROI and the lowest total cost of ownership standard – without upgrades or without added costs. We engineer products that combine maximum fuel efficiency, heavy-duty construction, high-quality components, and a few other Barko extras that we have up our sleeves, into the most optimal performance equipment for your specific application.

We care about your business. And we’re committed to providing the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry with products that last longer, perform harder, and deliver the results you expect. No questions asked.

  • Best Fuel Efficiency and Productivity: When it comes to increased productivity and maximizing fuel efficiency, Barko products beat the competition hands-down. Our power and torque swing features make Barko products capable of delivering up to 25% more loads everyday, all while using up to 4 gallons of fuel per hour LESS than our competition. That means Barko products deliver the best fuel efficiency in the industry, save you the most money, and increase your production rates.

  • Built to Perform and Last: Their upgrades are our standards. At Barko, we make sure that our equipment is built stronger and smarter to last even longer than before. That’s why every Barko product is built with heavy-duty, high-quality construction and comes standard with premium components. We put only the best parts in our equipment from the start, helping to guarantee less-down time, less repair costs, and a longer product life in the end. You work hard for a living and deserve products that deliver and last longer.

  • Highest Resale Value: Our investment in the beginning with high-quality standard components results in a better return on investment for you. Barko used equipment is known to have the highest resale value in the industry because of its great construction, excellent fuel efficiency, and high-quality performance.


For more information and detailed spec information please visit Barko's Website