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Conehead Chippers


High energy prices are driving innovation to solve the problem of foreign oil dependence and carbon emissions concerns.  Dynamic Manufacturing uses their patented Cone-Head® and Discone drum design as the focal point to develop a series of chippers and grinders that can economically and profitably convert wastewood and logging slash from our forests, into a quality fuel product.  These fuels are being used to fire co-generation plants making electricity, for wood pellet manufacturers making fuel to heat homes and commercial buildings, and soon to be used in making cellulosic ethanol for use in transportation.


The efficiencies of the Cone-Head® design are proving to make our chippers the right choice for producers needing a cost effective means to generate profits from a low value product.  Since our joint testing project with the University of Georgia (request report)nearly two years ago, we have led the way with the development of machines to handle almost any type of forest biomass.  We now have 6 different models, all uniquely suited to the various production requirements, price point, and source material, for profitably making biomass fuels.  All are centered around the Cone-Head® cutting system.



New products in development will be introduced by year end that are task specific for making biomass energy out of fuelstocks that extend beyond the forest and capture other waste streams.  Our goal is to continue to lead innovation in effective low cost conversion of a variety of waste material into usable energy fuels.

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