The RE Series Commercial Bus by Navistar

One of the advantages of being part of Navistar, the global transportation company that builds the world's best diesel engines, is that our engines are perfectly optimized for the job they have to do. Case in point: The IC Bus™ RE Series. We wanted to build a bus that could move 52 passengers in the most cost-efficient way possible. So we built it around the Cummins L9 wet-sleeve diesel engine, a legendary engine known for outstanding performance, efficiency and durability. It produces more power than larger, heavier engines.

So if you need a bus that moves more people more efficiently, we've got you covered. And the Cummins L9 saves you time, too. Its even-cooling wet-sleeve design and durability let it work harder and longer between maintenance. The Cummins L9 is the ideal match for the RE Series, with its sturdy steel cage construction, one-piece roof bows, solid steel flooring and 16-gauge steel exterior panels. The RE Series is full of comfortable features for passengers and driver: Radio AM/FM with CD player, available Wi-Fi and Satellite TV, slip-proof floor, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, and ambient temperature controls and directional display – plus a long list of optional equipment.

The RE Series is designed for maximum convenience in maintenance and servicing. Daily inspections are made easy from the rear of the bus with the side-mounted radiator and rear-facing fluid checkpoints. Two engine access doors provide side and rear engine access. A simplified flasher panel allows easy inspection and servicing. The instruments are fully electronic and self-testing, with visual and audible alarms. And even the battery box slides out on nylon rollers. As with every bus we make, IC Bus has you covered throughout the entire ownership experience with our complete bus diagnostic checkup computer system, an expansive parts distribution system and an unmatched dealer network for 24/7 support.

Taking care of you every step of the way. That's the IC Bus difference.

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RE Series Commercial Bus Features

IC Bus chassis with rust inhibitor and sound-deadening package
Cummins L9 wet-sleeve diesel engine
Allison 3000 automatic five-speed transmission
Soft ride parabolic front suspension
Air-ride rear suspension with dual leveling valves
Air brakes with anti-lock, air dryer
Tires 11R22.5
30,500-37,000 lbs. GVWR

Cummins L9

Roof- or skirt-mounted factory-installed IC Air
Free blow or ducted air conditioning and heat
Front air-ride suspension with dual leveling valves
Allison B400
Energy absorbing rear bumper
Graphics and paint
Aluminum wheels
LED exterior lighting
Dual outward opening lift doors
Sedan style entry door
Power, heated mirrors
Backing and surveillance camera systems
LED interior lighting
Electronic and manual roller signs
Audio and video system with PA
And more...

96" wide
Black steel powder coated rear bumper
5/8" CDX plywood floor
Large transit oval windows
Entry door stanchion with entrance grab rails
33" (clear opening) outward opening door
Solid steel flooring sections
20-gauge galvanized painted steel interior with full-length acoustical headliner
16-gauge galvanized steel exterior panels, smooth finish with minimum exposed fasteners
Galvanized steel cage construction with one-piece roof bows
Aluminum rub rails with rubber inserts
Up to 52-passenger capacity
Front and rear commercial caps, accommodation for large front destination sign

Roof-mounted HVAC System