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International 360

Introducing a revolutionary service communications and fleet ownership tool designed to increase Uptime, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and provide seamless and clear visibility to your customer’s service and repair events.

Learn more about i360 at https://www.internationaltrucks.com/360

Increasing Fleet

Between repair costs and lost productivity, a day of downtime can cost over $1,000. International 360 can help minimize that downtime and boost fleet profitability.

Reducing Total Cost
of Ownership

Using data and remote diagnostics to proactively maintain and address fault issues quickly can contribute to reduce fleet maintenance spending.

Accelerating the
Repair Process

By optimizing the steps in the repair workflow, enabling instant online estimate approvals, finding the right-fit parts in dealer inventory and scheduling vehicle arrivals, International 360 helps get your trucks back on the road.

Optimizing Asset

Knowing when vehicle repairs will be complete is crucial to asset optimization and planning. International 360 keeps fleets up-to-date on repair status, complete with an estimated time of completion, so your team can plan accordingly.

Reinventing the Way Service is Done

International® 360 was designed with fleet managers in mind. It’s a solution packed with robust features that make the job easier:


Advanced Remote Diagnostics
for Prioritized Repairs

Prioritize your fleet service with health and location data, fault codes, and fault severity ratings. Fault Code Action Plans combined with reports on the nearest service location that has the right parts in inventory helps speed repairs.

Customer Profiles to
Streamline Service

Our service network of over 1,000 locations will have access to your company’s International 360 profile, including service expectations, documents, and requirements, ensuring a consistent service experience wherever your asset is located.

Fleet View

Segment your fleet by region, company division, service manager, or many other ways so you’re focused on the assets important to you. Pin vehicles you want to watch closely, and use reminders to see when the service center needs feedback or approvals.

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