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Electronic Stability Control

If technology exists to keep your driver and passengers safer, we’ll find a way to integrate it into our vehicles. Standard on all IC Buses, electronic stability control helps maintain traction on slick or icy roads, delivering more confidence during maneuvers, climbs, and descents.

An electronic stability control system may help mitigate rollovers and loss of control on a wide variety of road conditions. Full stability systems like this one deliver more performance than roll-only systems, thanks to additional sensors and braking capability.

IC Bus® is proud to be the first in the industry to offer Collision Mitigation (CM) technology and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard equipment. In fact, the CE Series is available with the most powerful driver assistance system currently available for the commercial vehicle industry. The system integrates various sensors and brakes into a comprehensive safety suite to help drivers mitigate collisions, rollovers and loss-of-control situations — potentially resulting in lower repair costs and greater peace of mind.

Learn more about Electronic Stability Control at https://www.icbus.com/why-icbus/safety

Needs For School Bus Stability

  • Detect potential instability situations quickly
  • Intervene quickly
  • Apply braking where needed
  • Perform on wet-, snow-, and ice-covered surfaces

Benefits of Electronic Stability Control

Provides More Control on Slick Surfaces
  • ESC will automatically apply the appropriate brakes when loss of traction is detected
  • Acts in ways the driver cannot replicate using selective wheel brake control
  • May act before the driver realizes a situation exists
Actively Helps the Driver Avoid or Recover from Rollover and/or Loss of Control Conditions
  • ESC will help correct the vehicle orientation by reducing speed and/or applying brake pressure to the appropriate wheels
More Control
  • The system helps mitigate vehicle slides, skids, and loss of control through advanced monitoring of a variety of vehicle parameters and automatic and selective application of vehicle brakes