The RE Series Bus by Navistar

Having a rugged, reliable MaxxForce® DT diesel engine located in the rear of the bus gives you many advantages. It reduces noise for the driver, allows a better view of students entering and exiting, and provides easy access to engine components like the side-mounted radiator and rear-facing fluid check points. The MaxxForce DT provides up to 285 hp and 860 lb-ft of pull, so if you need to transport up to 84 students comfortably, the IC Bus RE Series has you covered.

We moved the driver seat forward, outboard and upward, so he or she is in the perfect position for optimum forward, side and rear visibility. For added safety and driver convenience, we gave the RE Series visual and audible alarms for low fuel, oil, voltage, coolant and high temperature, plus cruise control, available tilt and telescoping steering column and optional push-button shift. And its fully-integrated body, chassis and engine give the RE Series maximum strength and durability.


Our Buses are Made of Memories

Mrs. Hartwell believes it’s important that her 5th grade class gets the opportunity to explore the world outside of a classroom. Even if that world lived thousands of years ago. Which is why she needs a bus that can bring all 84 of her students across town safely. IC Bus is delighted to take classes like Mrs. Hartwell’s to history museums, science centers and planetariums. They’re not only educational; they’re unforgettable. Because at IC Bus, we believe the only way to build a better bus, is to understand what goes into one.


For student convenience, the RE Series provides 78” of interior headroom and the widest entry door in the industry. For comfort, there’s available factory-installed IC Air, patented Dynalastic engine mounts, soft ride suspension, and generous sound-absorbing material. As with all our buses, IC Bus has you covered throughout the entire ownership experience with our complete bus diagnostic checkup computer system, an expansive parts distribution system and an unmatched dealer network for 24/7 support.

Taking care of you every step of the way. That’s the IC Bus difference.

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RE Series Bus Features

With its weight-saving, rear-mounted 210-285 hp MaxxForce® DT wet-sleeve diesel engine, the RE Series carries up to 84 students and provides maintainers with the access they deserve.

195", 222", 249", 276", 303"

66-90 passengers

31,800-37,000 lbs

12,000 lb standard
Higher ratings available

21,000 lb air-ride standard
Higher ratings available

MaxxForce DT
Allison 2500 PTS
Allison 3000 PTS

Air brakes with ABS

78" interior headroom
Visual and audible alarms for low fuel, oil, voltage,
coolant and high temperature
Optional undercarriage luggage compartments
Push button shift (with 3000 PTS)
Optional factory-installed IC Air
16 gauge side sheets
Electric entrance door
Left side engine access door
Roped-in front windshield
Water in fuel sensor
Cruise control
Maximum speed control
Pebble tread stepwell

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