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Barko Industrial Wheeled Tractors

When it comes to land clearing, right-of-way maintenance and site prep work, Barko industrial tractors don’t just give you more power. They give you more power exactly where you need it — no other product delivers nearly as much hydraulic horsepower to the attachment, allowing operators to effortlessly tear through some of the toughest jobs.

930B | 930 | 937B | 937

Barko 930B Industrial Wheeled Tractor

The Barko 930B industrial wheeled tractor offers a heavy-duty design, exceptional operator visibility, and versatile attachment capability. The machine provides consistent performance for large commercial and municipal applications.
Download the Barko 930B Brochure
Learn more about the 930B at www.barko.com

Barko 930 Industrial Wheeled Tractor

Built with productivity in mind, the Barko 930 industrial tractor is powered by a 305-horsepower engine. Featuring sound-insulated cab and excellent visibility, the 930 powers through tough work smoothly and efficiently.
Download the Barko 930 Brochure
Learn more about the 930 at www.barko.com

Barko 937B Industrial Wheeled Tractor

For the most demanding right-of-way land clearing and site prep jobs, the Barko 937B industrial tractor delivers a high level of hydraulic horsepower to the mulching head. The unit can also fitted with other common attachments to attack a wide variety of tasks.
Download the Barko 937B Brochure
Learn more about the 937B at www.barko.com

Barko 937 Industrial Wheeled Tractor

Equipped with a comfortable operator cab and delivering high hydraulic horsepower to mulching heads and other attachments, the Barko 937 industrial wheeled tractor offers industry-leading performance at an overall lower cost of ownership.
Download the Barko 937 Brochure
Learn more about the 937 at www.barko.com