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Mesilla Valley Transportation

Mesilla Valley Transportation, headquartered in El Paso, TX, has a fleet of 1,000 International ProStar trucks with Navistar’s 13 liter engine. See what they have to say about fuel economy and the Navistar engine.

Mesilla Valley Transportation Testimonial

Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation, headquartered in Phoenix, AR, has a fleet that is 50% International ProStar. Knight’s Vice President of Equipment says they have “found the ProStar chassis to be quite fuel efficient relative to other models in the industry.” See what else he has to say.

Knight Transportation Testimonial

XTL Transport, Inc.

XTL Transport, Inc. runs routes in Canada and the Northeastern U.S. with 150 International ProStar trucks with MaxxForce 13 engines. “With these trucks, a driver who wants to get every mile out of a gallon, he’s going to be able to do it….on the whole, it’s a damn good package,” says one of their drivers. See what else they have to say.

XTL Transport, Inc. Testimonial

Royal Trucking Company

Royal Trucking Company in West Point, MS, services the continental U.S. and most Canadian provinces with 140 International ProStar trucks, 30 of which have N13 engines. Check out what they have to say about the new N13 engines.

Royal Trucking Company Testimonial

Cowan Systems, LLC

Cowan Logistics in Baltimore, Maryland, runs more than 1,000 company trucks, of which 65% are International ProStar trucks. Their COO says “having a network as rich as International’s is a big benefit to us, ” stating “they probably have twice the number of facilities than any of their competitors.”

Cowan Systems, LLC Testimonial

Benny Whitehead, Inc.

Benny Whitehead, Inc., in Eufaula, AL, runs more than 70 International trucks uncluding ProStar and LoneStar trucks with MaxxForce 13 and N13 engines. Their owner says “the ProStar with N13 gives us a lot of confidence in where Navistar is going.”

Benny Whitehead, Inc. Testimonial

Great Plains Trucking

Great Plains Trucking in Salina, KS, does flatbed hauling throughout the U.S. and Canada. They run 13 International ProStar trucks with MaxxForce 13 engines. Great Plains’ President says they “don’t see any drop-off with the MaxxForce 13 engine” and that “the transition has been seamless.” See what else he has to say.

Great Plains Trucking Testimonial

Joy Global

“On the dusty surface of a giant mine, a team of men and their International Trucks build a shovel of epic proporations.” Check out this article featured in Trail Magazine that shows how the International DuraStar helps miners with Joy Global get the job done.

Joy Global DuraStar Testimonial

Hartford Police Bomb Squad

“The Hartford Police Bomb Squad leans on DuraStar® in their quest to keep the public safe.” Check out this article from Trail Magazine that shows how International’s emergency vehicles help departments like this keep everyone safe.

Hartford Police Bomb Squad DuraStar Testimonial

Bartlett Tree Experts


“Tree Experts in Pittsburgh rely on the versatility of their DuraStar fleet to fill their every need.” See what they have to say about the DuraStar chassis and how it is a “great platform for everything we ask it to do.”

Bartlett Tree Experts DuraStar Testimonial

Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.


Dayton Freightlines, Inc, operates roughly 400 International ProStar trucks, 100 of which have the Cummins ISX15 engine. See what they have to say about fuel mileage and dealer relationships.

Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. Testimonial

Manuel Huerta Trucking


Manuel Huerta says “we switched to International because they are a better-made truck.” “It’s as simple as that,” he continues. They run more than 50% International ProStar in a fleet of over 300 trucks. See what else he has to say about their ProStar trucks.

Manuel Huerta Trucking Testimonial

J Hawk Water Service


J Hawk Water Service in Malvern, OH, has 11 trucks in their fleet, including 4 WorkStar trucks and 1 PayStar® truck. Owner Jim Hawkins says “all the drivers love the trucks” and he has “been very pleased with the product.” See what else he has to say about roominess and dealer service.

J Hawk Water Service Testimonial

Interstate Batteries


Interstate Batteries in Toronto, Ontario has a fleet profile of International TerraStar and DuraStar trucks. They say the maneuverability and reliability are important because of the tight spots they have to work around. See what else they have to say about the International TerraStar.

Interstate Batteries Testimonial

Caple Landscape Management


Caple Lanscape Management is “extremely happy with the TerraStar trucks compared to the cab-overs.” “They are bigger, safer, and definitely more durable,” says owner Dave Caple. See what else he has to say about the TerraStar truck’s comfort and fuel efficiency.

Caple Landscape Management Testimonial