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The International TerraStar

When it comes to getting the tough jobs done, few trucks are as ready to get down and dirty as the International® TerraStar.® That’s because the rugged TerraStar was built from the ground up to be the ultimate commercial-duty truck. TerraStar hails from 100 years of truck-building experience. That expertise shows in every facet of this truck. We built TerraStar® with room to spare. Compared to the leading competitor, TerraStar gives you 7″ more interior width, 9″ more headroom, 2″ more belly room, and 20% more overall cab volume. TerraStar is built on the three pillars of commercial-duty performance: ease of operation, efficient power and commercial grade components. So if you need a tough, reliable & efficient work truck that’ll get the job done, the TerraStar isn’t just up for the job—it was born for it.


International TerraStar USAGE

TerraStar Utility Trucks

Just like the customers you serve, who take their electricity or gas or cable service for granted, you need a truck you can count on. That truck is the International® TerraStar®

TerraStar®’s reliability starts with a fully-capable 300-hp V8 purpose-built for utility work. And with a cylinder block made of compacted graphite iron, it’s lighter and more fuel-efficient than engines made from gray iron.

With TerraStar®, you can focus your energy on keeping your customers happy.


TerraStar PickUp & Delivery Trucks

In the delivery business, looking ahead can mean the difference between staying on schedule and falling behind. Which is why the designers of the International® TerraStar® were so focused on visibility. The fact is, TerraStar® gives you the best visibility of any truck in its class-an eye-opening 38% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor. So whether you’re pulling out, backing up or parallel parking, you can do it more quickly, more confidently-and more safely.

TerraStar® also comes with the Diamond Logic® electrical system, featuring automated pre-trip inspections, automatic headlights on with wipers and other safety interlocks.


TerraStar Landscaping Trucks

The easier it is to move your crew from one work site to another, the more productive your landscape business can be. That’s the beauty of owning the International® TerraStar®. It’s ease of operation begins with visibility. In fact, TerraStar® gives you the best visibility in its class–38% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor. This makes maneuvering around neighborhoods and side streets a breeze.

TerraStar® also features the largest cab in its class–a full 30% more room for your crew than the leading competitor. So when the job calls for extra hands, it’s no extra hassle to fit them in the truck.


TerraStar Construction Trucks

When you make your living at construction sites, you need a truck that keeps going when the going gets tough. A truck that takes a beating, then comes back for more. A truck like the International® TerraStar®. This vehicle’s steely resolve is the direct result of its commercial-grade components. Not only is TerraStar® built on best-in-class 80,000 PSI frame rails, its frame is huck-bolted for additional strength and long-term reliability.

At the heart of the TerraStar®’s capacity for hard work you’ll find a proven, commercial-duty Allison 1000 transmission, which gives you optimal on-site performance and dependability. Not to mention a stronger bottom line. TerraStar® also features a commercial-duty Allison 1000 transmission, best-in-class 80,000 PSI frame rails and a huck-bolted frame. Which means less overall truck maintenance in the long run.


TerraStar Government Trucks

Constant road maintenance is a given. You’ve got to keep them clear during the winter, and in good repair during the summer. Trucks need regular maintenance too-something the International® TerraStar® is built to accommodate.

Its commercial-style, tilt-away hood provides easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and scheduled maintenance. So you can get back on the road more quickly.


TerraStar Beverage Trucks

Keep the shelves stocked and look good doing it. That’s why you depend on the International® TerraStar® It’s the ideal truck to represent any brand you’re hauling. And it does so dependably. With the proven power of the V-8 diesel engine under the hood, you’ll never miss a delivery. Plus, it’s attractively designed, so you hit the road with a look that works harder to enhance your image. International is committed to helping you stay dependable, and that means reliability across the board.


TerraStar Emergency Trucks

The International® TerraStar® brings the rugged durability of a commercial-grade truck to the Class 4/5 category. Chassis components are huck-bolted for maximum durability. The cab has 30% more room than the leading competitor, with the best visibility in its class, so teams travel in greater safety and comfort. And they can go anywhere with the factory-installed 4×4 powertrain, available for off-road duty, and the powerful V-8 diesel engine with 300 hp and 660 lb.-ft of torque.


TerraStar Recovery Trucks

Every game-changing TerraStar® comes with continuing support, no matter when or where you need it. With some of the industry’s best trained technicians and an extensive parts inventory, we’ve also earned a reputation for unrivaled customer service. So you can count on us to get your trucks back on the road more quickly. Whatever your business, a fully integrated, fully capable truck and engine is a must to ensure top performance and reliability.


International TerraStar Gallery