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The International TranStar

Best-in-class maneuverability and visibility handle tight corners and even tighter deadlines with ease.

Thanks to incredible maneuverability and clear sight lines, the International® TranStar® can take you anywhere your business needs to go. With a setback axle and 50-degree wheel cut, TranStar boasts the tightest turning radius in the business. Powered by the Cummins Westport ISL G or MaxxForce 13 engine, TranStar gets around effortlessly and reliably. When you’re on the job, you’re constantly turning tight corners and navigating streets. That’s why the International® TranStar® offers the shortest BBC in the industry, an incredibly tight turning radius up to 12’ better than any truck in its class. Plus, superior handling and best-in-class view. In short, TranStar offers your business plenty of advantages to help it run at its best.


International TranStar USAGE

TranStar Beverage Trucks

You’ve got deliveries to make and you need a truck that you can depend on. That’s where the TranStar comes in. Because only the TranStar can deliver Best in Class maneuverability and visibility. Add the many lightweight options available and maximize your payload along with your profitability.

People are depending on the arrival of your cargo, and your truck is always up to the task. International is committed to helping you stay dependable for your customers, and that means productivity and reliability across the board.


TranStar Liquid or Dry Bulk Trucks

You may not cover the most ground, but you haul the biggest loads over the ground you do cover. So you need a truck that can handle any size load without sacrificing maneuverability, durability or fuel efficiency. With its light and strong frame, the TranStar can handle the heaviest loads…and keep them protected with an optional factory-installed theft deterrent system. So no matter the size of your load, you’ll get it where it needs to go. Add to that the factory-installed roll-stability and traction control, and you’ve got a truck ready for anything the world dishes out.


TranStar Regional Haul Trucks

Keeping pace on the open road is crucial, but you need to negotiate tight corners and streets, without sacrificing maneuverability, durability or fuel efficiency. That’s what the International® TranStar® was made for. With the tightest turning radius in the industry, maneuvering the trickiest parts of your job has never been easier. Not all truckers make a home of the open road. When short hauls are your bread and butter, you need a truck that can make your time a priority. That’s why International is committed to keeping you on schedule and your bottom line on track.


International TranStar ENGINES


Navistar N13

4 Cycle Inline-6 12.4L, Up to 1,700 lb-ft Torque and 475 HP

Navistar Big Bore engines deliver outstanding fuel economy, excellent power characteristics, and exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, and high strength without added weight.

Learn more about the Navistar N13